Frames & Architraves


Our frames are produced to suit common partition widths of 94, 100, 113, 126 and 144mm in a variety of hardwoods, softwoods, mdf and veneered mdf.

If necessary we can produce to other widths as required and generally speaking they are supplied unassembled.

Where exact opening sizes are known a traditional frame with either a pre machined stop or plant on stop would be supplied, these can be used with or without architraves and have their edges slightly softened as profiling of edges reduces the risk of injury to users in the event of accidental contact.

Where wall thicknesses vary or if the opening is particularly large, extension linings can be supplied in order to fill the reveal.

Our architraves are produced in the same material to match the frame and as standard are produced to a section of 60mm x 18mm, where architraves are to be produced in solid timber we can also accommodate the machining of chamfers and feature grooves.

Shown here is our door and frame assembly fitted with acoustic seals achieving 41 dBRw.