Edge Detailing & Seals

As standard we apply 8mm hardwood lippings to the long edges of all our veneered, painted or laminated doors, in some instances for example areas subject to higher moisture contents such as bathrooms, timber lippings will also be applied to the top and bottom edges.

Timber species are selected to match the veneers.

Lippings provide protection to the edges of the door specifically to its face in addition to concealing the door core.

As standard we lightly soften the door edges, as profiling of edges reduces the risk of injury to users in the event of accidental contact.


Where there is a requirement for the edge to be shaped the lipping thickness is increased to 18mm to accommodate the machining.

Double actions doors receiving a 50mm radius.


Rebated doors receiving a 12mm rebate.


Intumescents and smoke seals

Fire seals are an essential component in achieving overall performance, there are three different types available - intumescent, combined intumescent & smoke and concealed intumescent.

The first two systems incorporate exposed intumescent strips to the two long and top short edge whereas the concealed system houses the intumescent behind the two long edges but is exposed on the top edge.

Exposed intumescents are generally 10mm/15mm/20mm x 4mm for half hour applications and two 15mm x 4mm intumescents are fitted for one hour applications.

If necessary we are able to offer a selection of wood grain effect strips by laminating polyester films directly onto the PVC casing of the seal.

Woodgrain Finishes

American Sycamore (EVO-W042)

American Sycamore

Limed Oak (EVO-W532)

Limed Oak

Steamed Beech (EVO-W046)

Steamed Beech

Ash (EVO-W047)


American White Oak (EVO-W502)

American White Oak

Brown Oak (EVO-W512)

Brown Oak

European Walnut (EVO-W018)

European Walnut

American Cherry (EVO-W552)

American Cherry

American Red Oak (EVO-W542)

American Red Oak

Sapele (EVO-W501)


Teak (EVO-W522)


American Black Walnut (EVO-W804)

American Black Walnut

Where acoustics considerations are to be taken into account we can offer a range of black fin products, for full acoustic details please refer to the acoustic doors section of our website.